Tuesday, 8 September 2009

This and That

David has settled in fine at his new Secondary School. I do think it has helped that Tom also goes so he not only has one big brother but approx 20 surrogate big brothers who he can turn to.

They both leave at 8am to catch the bus and return home approx 3.45pm.

Both come in through the door talking together so I have to make them take turns as to who is telling me first.

Being typical boys they are both also "starving" when they come in so I have been making sure there is a plate of sandwiches and some cake or cookies for them.

Tuesday, 1 September 2009

End of the Holidays

Well this is the last few days of the school holidays.

Dave went back to work today, the boys go back to school on Thursday and I start back next Monday.

The next few days will be spent making sure that uniform is correct and trying to get some baked goods into the freezer so that I can pull them out in ind portions for snacks etc.

I'm hoping that once David gets settled at his new school he won't be wanting packed lunch and will just have money for the canteen daily same as Tom, but we will see.

The weather here has turned Autumnal so I will also be sorting out the next thickness quilts and the fleece blankets etc.