Sunday, 8 March 2009

Kitchen Appliances

During the last month I have had to purchase a new bread machine, and have a replacement rental washing machine. I have a rental as although costing a monthly fee can be upgraded as and when new models come out and can also be repaired as part of the rental if needed.

For us this has seemed to be the way to go as washing machines don't seem to be built to last more than a couple of years anymore.

The washing machine has a larger size drum and is also an A+ rating on the energy grading, this means that it now will wash more in each load (less loads during the week) but is also good for energy consumption etc.

Just in the 2 weeks since we have had this I have noticed that our electrictiy usage has gone down, and nothing else has changed.

The bread machine was an annoying thing as the old machine worked perfectly well but the pan leaked and it didn't matter how many parts places I contacted a spare one could not be found.
I have kept the old machine in case a pan does become available.


  1. How nice to get a new washer! I can understand the irritation of the bread machine since it still works. I hope you find a new pan!

  2. HI, I loved kneading my bread by hand for one simple reason: all stress and frustration I could knead into it, made a wonderful dough!!! By now I am doing no-knead-bread and simple love it - and by now , reading your post, it seems to be the more hassle-free way - it doesnt need replacement and saves money. Hope all works out...Paula