Sunday, 10 May 2009

Warmer Weather and Cooking

As we have been getting warmer weather lately, not only has the heating been off for easily over a month, but we have also started to eat lighter meals, which in turn means less usage of the oven etc.

I am still monitoring our electricty usage and it has been crawling downwards.

I try every morning to bake a cake or some cookies in the oven whilst I am baking the bread, and even some mornings will cook the meat needed for the dinner that night.
This is a win win situation; the oven is on during the cheaper costing electricty and the kitchen doesn't get heated later in the day when the sun has heated it.

Usually we will have something like a salad with new potatoes,


  1. Hi Maisie I'd love to save more on electric too... wanted one of those gadgety things that shows you how much the property is using any one time - any ideas?

  2. Hi there,
    What I've done is go round all appliances and take a note of their kwh usage; I've then made a table showing me how much each costs for either one use (kettle) or per hour.

    As I'm on Economy 7 I did this with both prices.

    I've then tried to continue to do as in post and use the higher usage appliances during the cheaper hours.

    But short of completely turning the day on its head and sleeping in the day and doing everything at night (not possible with work and a family) I haven't as yet found a solution.