Monday, 26 January 2009

Food Wastage

Food wastage comes in many guises, the bit left on the plate at the end of the meal, that last slice of bread which has gone dry.

There are ways to eliminate most of these.

Food left on plates - serve less and seconds can always be taken if really needed.

Last slice of bread - whizz up for breadcrumbs for use in dishes.

Stocks and gravies - freeze in meal size portions for use later.

Meat from the roast - slice for use in sandwiches or even another meal.

Wine - can be frozen in ice cube trays for adding to casseroles etc.

Veg going limp - chop, blanch and freeze or make into soup or even a veg base for curries etc.

Cheese going dry and hard - grate and freeze for later use.

Cream on the turn - use to make ice cream or whisk up and put blobs on a tray open freeze and use in dishes or with dessert.

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