Monday, 19 January 2009

Using Supermarkets Less

I used to be a shop in one place girl, get it all done then forget about it.

Now however, I find that I am more inclined to work my shopping trips in with trips for other things, and will even purchase more online if the delivery is less than or equal to petrol and parking costs which is often the case with where I live.

Our local Post Office/Londis store has just had a re-fit and are now selling on behalf of a butcher who is based approx 15 miles away. The butcher is one I would use if I were in that particular town.
If I make an order before 9pm on a Thursday the meat will be delivered on Friday afternoon.

Now from a petrol etc cost point this is a good saving as the PO is only a 3 mile round trip from our house, whereas the butchers is a 25-30 miles round trip and I would have to pay parking costs as well.
The snag is that all the meat comes vac packed in plastic, and whilst I appreciate this is the best option for optimum freshness, it doesn't hold well with the environmental costs.

I have also noticed that some of the things now in the PO seem to be on good offers or are not much more expensive than Tesco etc if you factor in the petrol cost etc.

I think there is going to have to be a fine balance between getting cheaper products but spending on petrol, or paying for dearer products but not on petrol.

Also whilst on this subject I have noticed that the Spar in the next village is also having good offers and I have to go through there once a week for football practice for David.

I would prefer to support the smaller local shops if at all possible so this will be my aim this coming year along with making savings as and when possible.

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  1. Hi Maisie
    I just found your new blogs, I am also trying to make 2009 a year of small spending and bigger savings.