Saturday, 3 January 2009

Savings Ideas for the Year

A few ideas we have come up with to help us save during the year are:

Any 5p bits get put into an old 2ltr whiskey bottle.

Any coppers at the end of each week are going into a jar.

As each pay cheque arrives round down to the next £5 and put the difference into a savings account, I will do this direct with internet banking.

Any overtime Dave earns is also being put straight off the top into an online savings account.

Will save all Tesco & Nectar points to use for Christmas groceries as I did in 2008. I joined the Tesco Christmas club so don't get sent the vouchers during the year.

Any cashback earned during the year is again going into an online savings account.

We have stopped using kitchen roll pretty much and use newspaper to wrap veg peelings etc for the compost bin, and have washable cloths to use for spills and as napkins.

All lightbulbs have now been changed over to Eco-friendly.

Meals made with mince are bulked out with oats, lentils and veggies.

Homemade bread is often served with the dinner as this usually negates the need for larger portions.

I am a member of a couple of "click email" sites which award you points for clicking through emails , which in turn can then be either paid in cash or in products.

As I sometimes shop online from Tesco and Sainsburys, I go through which is affiliated with Ipoints, who will pay you one point for every £ spent; and then you can redeem theese points for DVDs, CDs, vouchers etc, (free goods).

Over 95% of our laundry is washed overnight using the Economy 7 tariff which is cheaper, and we also try to run the diahwasher during the night as well again, cheaper tariff. The laundry is then line dried weather permitting, or hung on an indoor airer, then finished off on the radiators (do not own a tumble dryer).

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