Wednesday, 21 January 2009


Dave and the boys all keep short hair styles, if they went to the barbers it would cost us approx £210 per year.

I bought a set of hair clippers 14 years ago whilst I was pg with DS1.
Neither Dave or the boys have been to a barbers/hairdresser since.

The clippers cost £25 and we have had the blade sharpened once cost £5.
So £30 over 14 years = £2.15 per year for an average of 30 haircuts a year and obviously decreasing.

The annual savings made from this purchase are £207.85 and the longer we can keep the using the clippers even with blade sharpening the more savings will be made.

For myself I have a long style which is kept in a ponytail, so once a month a trim the ends off whilst it is in the ponytail which gives a layered look if down, and with having some natural curl it doesn't matter if the layers aren't quite even.

The savings made by me doing this are approx £100 per year.

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